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Sajid Sadpara Officially Confirms Ali Sadpara’s Death

Sajid Ali Sadpara, son of acclaimed mountaineer Ali Sadpara, has lost all hope of his father’s return after a week-long rescue operation that has so far revealed nothing definitive.

Speaking to media representatives in Skardu, Sajid Sadpara lamented that “Pakistan has lost a great climber, my father and two other climbers are no longer with us”.

Discussing his father’s domes over a stellar career that spanned 8 high mountains, Sajid thanked the nation, the government of Pakistan, the Pakistan Army and the Pakistan Air Force for their tireless efforts during the rescue mission.

After this confirmation, the nation took to Twitter, offering condolences and praising the legend that is no longer with us.

Superstar Ali Zafar paid tribute in his own way, and it’s nothing short of overwhelming.

#AliSadpara has taken the top spot on Twitter trends, and the thread looks like it’ll continue to grow.

Ali Sadpara, from Pakistan, and two foreign climbers disappeared on February 5 during the K2 summit. In a series of recurring aerial searches that followed, authorities were unable to trace the location of missing climbers.

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