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OHANNEBURG – South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) on Sunday denied allegations that it was unable to pay salaries after reports that public broadcaster employees did not receive April checks.

According to Times Live, the state broadcaster did not pay last month’s wages due to financial difficulties.

However, the corporation said it has managed to make up for lost ground with the pandemic and is exceeding financial targets.

SABC recently underwent a restructuring process to cut its annual payroll of R2.4 billion.

About 600 employees were laid off last month.


Spokesman Mmoni Seapolelo told Eyewitness News: “It should be noted that these rumors are unfounded and false and, without a doubt, spread with malicious intent and intended to discredit the company, as SABC has significantly reduced its payroll and began to witness a substantial improvement in revenue generation to help the organization become self-sustaining. “

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