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Rust: Console Edition Comes To PS4 And Xbox One May 21

After previously sharing a vague Spring 2021 window for Rust: Console Edition, Double Eleven’s development team finally gave it a firm release date: May 21st. less power than the PCs needed to run the original version.

In a post on its website, Rust: Console Edition studio Double Eleven – the PC version was made by Facepunch Studios – said it needed to make the game work with 4.5 GB of RAM, despite the PC version having a minimum requirement of 10 GB. This required rewriting a large part of the game on the Unity engine, but it still had extremely long load times that could reach 45 minutes. Other optimization tricks reduce this to about a minute.

“We have reached a level of performance and stability that most of our beta testers seem to be happy with, and we are behind the scenes striving to make it better every day!” said community manager Pedro Silva.

It took three years to create Rust: Console Edition, and the game will continue to receive new updates along with the PC version, although these are not the same updates that the other version receives. It will remain a separate experience with its own script and community.

Earlier this year, the original PC version of Rust saw a huge increase in popularity after big-name streamers became interested in the game. It was the most streamed game on Twitch for a while, beating even the giant League of Legends.

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