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Ring Video Doorbell gets Alexa Greetings and Quick Replies

Ring Video Doorbell customers are getting a variety of new features in the form of smart responses, including Alexa Greetings, Motion Warnings and Quick Responses. With these features, users can get Alexa to greet visitors, learn more about why they’re visiting, offer instructions for delivery services, and more.

The most useful of the three new features is Alexa Greetings, but you will need a Ring Video Doorbell Pro and a subscription to Ring Protect to use it. With this, Alexa can greet visitors when they ring the bell, requesting information about the purpose of their visit and, depending on the response, offer solutions such as the opportunity to leave a video message.

As you would expect, users can set up Alexa Greetings using the Ring app; the feature can be enabled in the ‘Smart Answers’ menu item. Ring Video Doorbell owners can also set up six predefined quick responses for visitors, those that are not as detailed as the ones you get with Alexa Greetings, but that can still be useful.

Quick Answers include phrases like “Please leave the package outside” as well as requests to leave a package or wait a moment for you to reach the door. This feature also allows users to leave a message. Quick responses are available on all Ring Video Doorbells, except for the wired version.

Completing the three new features are Motion Alerts, a new security feature that audibly alerts visitors that they are being recorded. The alert is issued when the camera detects movement, the idea is that such a message can deter balcony pirates and others who are eavesdropping. This feature is available on the Ring’s wired doorbells, as well as the Floodlight camera, the indoor camera and the wired Spotlight camera.

Amazon says the new features of Smart Responses are being launched now.

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