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Report claims Apple and TSMC are teaming to build micro OLED displays

A report is circulating, stating that Apple is partnering with TSMC to develop micro-OLED screens specifically for use in the next augmented reality devices. Apple currently works with TSMC on several fronts. Specifically, TSMC is the only processor supplier for the iPhone.

Apple and other companies looking at the augmented reality market are focusing on micro OLED screens because they are much thinner, smaller and use less energy than other screen technologies. These benefits make them much more suitable for use on wearable AR devices. The report indicates that the monitors are less than an inch in size.

This report is not the first time that Apple is said to be developing augmented reality glasses. Apple AR glasses are code-named N421. Last month, a report from another source said that Apple was still working on the underlying technology for AR glasses. That report stated that the finished product would still take several years.

The reports also indicated that Apple plans to launch the AR device as early as 2023. Apple and TSMC are currently in the test production stage for micro OLEDs. The screens are believed to be several years away from mass production. There are virtual and augmented reality headsets ready on the market. It is common for Apple to wait to launch new products in a segment. It is rarely the first in new segments today.

Although Apple is rarely the first to hit the market, it tends to launch one of the most successful products in any segment. Neither Apple nor TSMC commented on the report.

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