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Rapper DMX In Serious Condition After Heart Attack, Lawyer Says

Rapper DMX, 50, was hospitalized outside of New York City for a heart attack on Friday night, his lawyer confirmed to Forbes, and he remains in serious condition at a local hospital.

DMX — whose real name is Earl Simmons — had a heart attack in his White Plains home, and was promptly rushed via ambulance to a nearby hospital, said Murray Richman, a lawyer who has represented the artist for decades and spoke with his family.

Simmons was initially placed on life support but is now able to breathe on his own, though he remains in grave condition, according to Richman.

Richman said the cause of the heart attack is unclear.


“Earl has a tendency to be in trouble, but he is a fascinating individual,” Richman told Forbes. “If you listen carefully, he is poetic in describing your life.”


Living in New York, Simmons has released several platinum albums over a decades-long career, including his acclaimed debut, It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot, and has starred in several films. He also dealt with a number of legal and drug problems and was released from federal prison in 2019 after being sentenced to a year of tax evasion charges.

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