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PSL Anthem Becomes Controversial Yet Again

Fans expect a lot from the Pakistan Super League anthem every year as it marks the start of the month-long tournament. PSL now in its sixth year has so many hymns and fans have been divided since the launch of the PSL 4 anthem.

The first three hymns were sung by renowned singer Ali Zafar and after his highly publicized case of sexual harassment, the PCB decided to separate from the singer. Ali’s fans took it seriously and every anthem has since been a point of debate among fans. To its extent, the first three PSL hymns were extraordinary and perfectly combined with the PSL’s extravagance.

Listen to the first three PSL anthems:

PSL 2016 – Ab Khel Ke Dikha (Ali Zafar)

PSL 2017 – Ab Khel Jamay Ga (Ali Zafar)

PSL 2018 – Dil Se Jaan Laga De (Ali Zafar)

The PSL 5 anthem was one of the most hated hymns in PSL history and was surrounded by controversy. Ali Azmat, one of the singers of the PSL 5 anthem ‘Tayyar Hain’ indirectly blamed Ali Zafar for the failure of the anthem. Azmat said Ali Zafar had campaigned on social media against the anthem in retaliation for the PCB’s decision to snub him.

Zafar responded by launching his own unofficial PSL anthem, ‘Mela Loot Liya’, a week after the announcement. Many suspected that it was a plot by Ali Zafar and he was already preparing a song before the official anthem was released.

Here’s the PSL 5 anthem and unofficial anthem by Ali Zafar:

PSL 5 – Tayyar Hain (Ali Azmat, Haroon, Asim Azhar, Arif Lohar)

Unofficial Anthem – Mela Loot Liya (Ali Zafar)

A year later, the PSL 2021 hymn caused a sensation again. Naseebo Lal, Aima Baig and Young Stunners sang the hymn for PSL 6 entitled ‘Groove Mera’.

The fans got into a debate again and many said that last year’s anthem was better than this one, although they were not fans of the PSL 5 anthem, while others appreciated the effort and thought that the anthem was unique and was exactly what needed to be, a hymn, not a song.

When the PSL 5 anthem was released, the reaction was similar, although people didn’t like the PSL 4 anthem in the first place. They enjoyed it a year late because the new anthem was not to their liking. ‘Khel Deewano Ka’, PSL 4 anthem, sung by Fawad Khan and Young Desi, was also not appreciated by fans in the first place, but grew on them by exploding on the loudspeakers in all stadiums in all matches and people started to like.

Here is the PSL 4 anthem:

PSL 4 – Khel Deewano Ka (Fawad Khan and Young Desi)

The story was the same with the PSL 5 anthem. After hearing it during PSL 5, fans started to like it and it certainly felt like an anthem when played in various stadiums across Pakistan.

‘Tayyar Hain’ is certainly the most disagreeable anthem to date, as it has 132,000 likes and 97,000 dislikes on YouTube. In comparison, ‘Khel Deewano Ka’ has 177k likes and 21k dislikes.

‘Groove Mera’ has 141,000 likes and 43,000 dislikes on YouTube and still doesn’t match Tayyar Hain’s dislike ratio and, like Tayyar Hain and Khel Deewano Ka, Groove Mera will grow into fans as the PSL fever takes over account Pakistan. Some cricket lovers may not be fans of the individual artists, but the music itself seems to be what it was made of, a hymn for the Pakistan Super League.

Finally here’s the PSL 6 anthem:

PSL 6 – Groove Mera (Naseebo Lal, Aima Baig and Young Stunners)

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