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PSA: Again, I’m asking you to update your iPhone for security reasons

Deferring iOS updates for a week or two is usually a good thing, but it’s probably a good idea to download the latest one, iOS 14.4.2, as soon as you can. It corrects a security flaw that, according to Apple, may have been exploited (via MacRumors). The update also applies to iPadOS, so take a few minutes of your day to go to Settings> General> Software Update.

According to Apple’s update notes, the security hole allowed for universal cross-site scripting. In other words, a malicious website or script can gain access to information from other web pages that you have opened, which is not a good thing, especially since Apple says that some websites may be doing this.

As I said in January, when Apple released a similar update, that doesn’t mean it’s time to completely lock your phone and treat it like it’s radioactive until you can update it. Just stay away from incomplete sites (which is good advice in general) and update your phone sooner or later.

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