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PS5 DualSense thumbstick drift reports are worryingly common

For years, we’ve heard Nintendo Switch owners file complaints about thumbstick deviations on their Joy-Con controllers, and now it looks like PlayStation 5 owners will join them. The PlayStation 5 is only a few months old, but there have been reports of deviations in the thumbstick, suggesting that PS5 buyers may experience the same frustrations as Switch owners.

Kotaku collected some examples of users reporting the DualSense diversion, with links to several Reddit posts showing video of the diversion in action, and another Reddit post where a user reports the diversion just 10 days after obtaining their console. The concern, of course, is that as time passes and these controllers age, the incidence of deviation of the finger button will only increase.

For now, it looks like we will soon say if this is just a defect in some controllers or if it is an indication of a bigger problem, but what if you find a DualSense controller with drift problems? At the moment, you should be prepared for a long wait to contact PlayStation support, as Kotaku reports that Sony’s customer service lines are flooded with people looking for a PlayStation 5. After contacting a representative For customer service, Kotaku says he was informed that the deviation is covered by the warranty, although users will have to pay to send their controller to Sony for repairs (return shipping is apparently covered).

In short, this is not a particularly good sign for DualSense, which is otherwise an incredible controller. It seems that modern controllers in general have some kind of problem with the deviation of the thumbstick, as was reported in the Xbox One controller, DualShock 4, and other even older gamepads.

It may be that the deviation of the thumb is a problem that is here to stay to a certain extent, but this is not going to be a comforting thought for those who are experiencing this on new DualSense controllers or who have experienced it in the past with others. We’ll see if more DualSense drift reports will appear in the future, so stay tuned for more.

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