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‘Proud leftist racists’ resort to ‘racial slanders’ to attack the black Republican senator

Senator Tim Scott felt all the ire of the left-wing media, academia and political class that resorted to “racial slander” in their desperation to prove that the African-American politician was wrong, according to Sky News presenter Rita Panahi. Mr. Scott gave the Republican response to President Joe Biden’s first speech to Congress and argued that cases of racism do not equate to systematic racism or make the country racist. In the aftermath of his speech, “Uncle Tim” was in fashion for hours on Twitter, and CNN, MSNBC and CBS went into “attack mode,” said Panahi. “If you are a conservative woman or a conservative minority, you will often be attacked with sexist and racist language to force you to shut up,” she said. “In 2021, the only systematic racism is on the left that defends critical racial theory, a poisonous and intellectually bankrupt doctrine that is equivalent to racism imposed by the state. “The very people who claim that the West is institutionally racist are trying to institute racism in schools and workplaces.” According to Ms. Panahi, scoffing at Scott is about sending a message to other African Americans to expect similar treatment if they “deviate from leftist group thinking”.

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