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Pokemon TCG will soon reprint cards to scorch scalpers

Pokémon Company International has just released a note about the near future of the Pokémon card game, especially regarding availability restrictions. The text of the statement seems to suggest that they MAY be talking about the launch of McDonald’s that has taken the world of money changers by storm … but we will see. According to the statement, they are “actively working to print more affected Pokémon TCG products as quickly as possible and at maximum capacity to support this growing demand”.

The official statement made by The Pokémon Company International on the future of Pokémon TCG suggests that “reprinted products should be available from retailers as soon as possible”. This may indicate that they are NOT talking about McDonald’s cards. This would make sense, since McDonald’s usually prepares its product programming and printing for distribution weeks and / or months in advance.

On the other hand, if McDonalds locations are running out of products at the beginning of the month, they may be forced to do something drastic. Printing Pokémon cards may well be easier than filling the gap with any other type of Happy Meals toy.

The statement also suggests that “for new Pokémon TCG expansions launched in the future, we are maximizing production to increase product availability after launch”. They continued to note that “they will continue to reprint products to replenish stock at retailers as soon as possible.”

Collectors looking to buy Pokémon cards only for cash value on the secondary market are likely to find this decision disappointing. Given the huge growth in prices for older packages and individual cards, the suggestion that they will be delivering “reprinted products” will be undesirable news.

It will be interesting to see how The Pokémon Company International works to make the future acceptable to its most important consumers. When you read that sentence, which consumers did you imagine? Were they gamblers, collectors, children, adults or some intermediate group?

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