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Playable Xbox 360 Goldeneye 007 leaks in full

Earlier this week, we talked about a very exciting leak involving a canceled Goldeneye 007 remake for the Xbox 360. A video of the remake, featuring a complete single-player game and even some multiplayer content, was posted on YouTube at the end of week. This gave us a detailed look at the game, but now it seems that leakers wasted little time in launching a playable ROM for the game.

Eurogamer / Digital Foundry confirmed the contents of this ROM, noting that it actually runs at 60 frames per second, as suggested by the leaked YouTube video. It has also been confirmed that players are able to switch between the redesigned Xbox 360 graphics and the classic N64 graphics on the fly, which is reminiscent of the graphics change we saw in Halo: Anniversary Edition.

The YouTube video that was published over the weekend stirred up when it first resurfaced, simply because it was the most extensive review of this game we’ve received so far. The Xbox 360 version was created by Rare itself after coming under Microsoft’s umbrella, and was clearly in deep evolution when it was canceled. In fact, judging by the video, the game was more or less complete when Microsoft and Rare turned off the remake.

It’s a shame too, because it seems to keep the Goldeneye’s core experience intact. The game hasn’t changed much in the leap from the N64 to the Xbox 360, with Rare apparently just updating the graphics, but maintaining the level of design and game mechanics.

The cancellation of the remake is even more painful because we are not likely to see any kind of Goldeneye revival anytime soon, thanks to the confusing licensing situation surrounding the game. For now, it looks like this leaked remake is the best Goldeneye fans will get, so be sure to check out the video yourself, if you haven’t already.

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