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Pinterest suggested in talks to buy VSCO photo sharing app

The anti-Instagram, VSCO, can be acquired by the photographic panel company Pinterest, according to a new leak. Although the sources warn that an agreement may not materialize, they say that negotiations are taking place between the two companies over a possible acquisition, which would put VSCO under Pinterest’s control.

VSCO is a photo sharing app that, on the surface, appears to be an alternative to Instagram. However, there are some distinct differences between the platforms, including the lack of VSCO comments and publicly visible likes / followers counts. This puts an emphasis on the content itself, eliminating the sense of competition that comes with typical social media features.

Pinterest, a company known for its photographic panels, is negotiating the possibility of acquiring VSCO, at least according to sources who spoke to The New York Times. The company behind VSCO did not comment on the rumor, instead saying that it is “always meeting with different companies across the creative space at any time”.

The leak does not include any details about how much interest there may be in VSCO in relation to the acquisition of Pinterest, nor the potential financial offer on the table. As with any negotiation, it is possible that no business will result from the alleged exploitation.

Assuming an acquisition takes place, it is unclear how Pinterest can use VSCO. It looks like the app would remain a standalone platform, but Pinterest can leverage its photographic nature to reinforce content that users can rate and save on personal panels. Only time will tell if an acquisition is actually completed.

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