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OPPO and Vivo foldable phones might finally debut this year

While it was really inevitable, the foldable phone train was, at least for a while, delayed by last year’s most urgent global events. Things seem to be moving forward now, however, with Huawei finally launching its true second-generation foldable and Xiaomi finally embarking on the Mi Mix Fold last month. These, however, are not the only phone manufacturers with foldable ambitions and, according to some sources, OPPO and Vivo will also join the fray sooner or later.

Both companies, of course, displayed or teased their folding phones. OPPO revealed that it actually had a working prototype in 2019, while Vivo’s IQOO sub-brand leaked to have one too. Both foldable phones followed Huawei’s initial “outie” design, but like Huawei, they may be folding the other way now.

According to the leak of Digital Chat Station on Weibo, OPPO is actually working not on one, but on two foldable phones. Both fold inwards like the Galaxy Z Fold, only in different sizes. One with a 7-inch unfolded screen is reportedly closer to mass production than the larger 8-inch model, but progress on both is considered rapid.

Vivo, on the other hand, has only a foldable phone and also a large 8-inch foldable screen. Contrary to the information for the OPPO folders, the informant says that he will have a second 6.5 inch screen on the outside.

With these two brands coming to the party, it looks like the smartphone market has established itself in the fold-in design as the winner, despite the need for a second screen. This is at least until technology and manufacturing make these folding displays more resistant to use outdoors. Then again, OPPO has a mobile phone too, so we will have to see which transformable phone design will also win in the end.

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