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Open letter to the president: Sarina Isa asks why the Quetta committee’s proposals were ignored

ISLAMABAD: Sarina Isa, wife of Justice Qazi Faez Isa questioned on Friday the non-implementation of the recommendations made in the Report of the Quetta Commission of Inquiry, issued in 2016, on terrorist attacks in the provincial metropolitan city of Balochistan.

In an open letter sent to President Dr. Arif Alvi, Ms. Isa said that the recommendations of the Quetta Commission of Inquiry report have been implemented, the April 21 terrorist attack on the Serena Hotel in Quetta and others, including attacks on Hazara community, perhaps did not occur.

She said the wounded were assisted by volunteers and transferred to hospitals in ambulances from NGOs. “Army ambulances should also have been dispatched, especially since the hotel is located in a cantonment area,” she added.

She said that a single judge managed to unearth the perpetrators of the crime long after his commission, and added: “But, Mr. President, the intelligence agencies with all the resources under their command did not do so. Can I ask why? “

“If you and the government have not yet read Minister Isa’s report, everyone may want to read it, available on the Supreme Court’s website,” said Sarina Isa.

She wrote that Judge Isa was also opposed to visits to the hospital by VIPs looking for photo opportunities, but this disturbing practice continues. She asked, “Mr. President, when will you and everyone else who has taken the oath to “do what is right for all kinds of people” come forward to fulfill their official oaths? “” Mr. President, the people deserve better. May the Almighty accept all your pleas and forgive the transgressions for which you sought forgiveness, “he concluded.

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