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Official iCloud Passwords Chrome extension now on Windows

In the past, if you had an Apple product, you would have to live in the Apple ecosystem and only in the Apple ecosystem. Sure, there was iTunes on Windows, but it’s also almost gone. Today’s Apple is very different from that, however, and is more confident in its own products, especially in its services, that it doesn’t mind mixing with other platforms and software. Knowing that even its own users would sometimes be forced to use a different web browser, Apple is now at least providing them with a way to protect themselves, even when using Google Chrome.

Chrome is arguably the largest web browser in the world, in more ways than one, and even Safari fans may have to use it from time to time, especially on platforms where Safari is not available. These platforms will also lack Apple security, which means they can be easy targets outside of macOS and iOS.

To help mitigate the risks, Apple has released an official Chrome browser extension for iCloud passwords. In short, this means that all the strong and strong passwords that users have generated and used in Safari on Apple platforms will now be available when they use Chrome as well. It also works both ways, as the extension can also store any new passwords you create in the iCloud Keys connected to the extension.

In a way, this is Apple subtly telling its users not to use Chrome’s integrated password management system and to use Apple’s. This almost makes iCloud Passwords a cross-platform password manager, at least for browser logins, except that it is limited to Windows only.

The iCloud password extension for Chrome on Windows is just the latest app that Apple brought to the Microsoft platform. There are rumors that the next ones will be even bigger, with Apple Music and Apple Podcasts putting the legacy iTunes app for Windows aside.

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