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Nintendo Switch Pro NVIDIA tech rumor may draw in fans old and new

The next Nintendo Switch device could be the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet we’ve been dreaming about for years. The first NVIDIA SHIELD (portable device) proved to us that there was a market (albeit small at the time) for a portable game machine with processing power ready for the generation of mobile games. The NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet * made it clear that NVIDIA was considering expanding into a realm that encompassed the home gaming console, PC streaming, mobile games and everything in between. So they started working with Nintendo.

In October 2016, NVIDIA and Nintendo revealed that the then new Nintendo Switch was powered by a custom Tegra SoC. This meant that NVIDIA was probably not going into a future where it would continue to try to deal with the tablet hardware business. Instead, they would be putting their efforts into what has become one of the best-selling game products of all time, cutting a whole new category for themselves in the process.

See our review of the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1, as well as our original review of the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet of the year 2014 to see why these tablets were a little ahead of their time.

Now, the latest NateDrake rumor on the Resetera forums suggests that the next Nintendo Switch will work with NVIDIA as well. It is suggested that the so-called Nintendo Switch Pro was being worked on / with NVIDIA and that they reached the point where they obtained a solid hardware design and are focusing on the processing power.

It is rumored that the Nintendo Switch Pro will work with NVIDIA DLSS and will be able to display content up to 4K. This does not necessarily mean that it will have its own 4K screen, only that it will probably be able to deliver 4K content through its dock to a giant television.

This same source suggested that “initial support [will] cover new hardware and the current switch for at least a few years”. This will be a massive update for those who have been playing with the original Switch from the beginning.

It will also be a great opportunity for NVIDIA, given the ongoing link with this huge gaming company. If NVIDIA is able to bring DLSS to the Nintendo Switch, complete with support for titles of all kinds, it will be a huge draw not only for NEW users, but also for users who play Nintendo Switch in the last half decade.

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