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Nintendo Switch Online to add four oldies to the roster

Owning a Nintendo Switch doesn’t just mean having access to Nintendo’s biggest and latest game portfolio. Thanks to the magic of emulation, it also means having access to dozens of games made for gaming systems that retired decades ago. This, of course, if you are willing to pay the monthly price for a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. The good news is that the list of old school titles is growing little by little, this time adding four more of Nintendo’s golden years.

For this round, Nintendo is adding three new SNES titles to the list. This includes Psycho Dream, an almost “meta” side scrolling game that sends players into a virtual game. Don’t be surprised if the title is relatively obscure, considering it has never left Japan until now.

Other SNES games include DOOMSDAY WARRIOR and Perhistorik Man. Fire ‘n Ice, a puzzle game from the Nintendo Entertainment System era, also joined the team. This makes a total of 99 classic games when these four arrive on February 17, 2021.

Nintendo also takes the opportunity to remind everyone that the Switch Online service is not just about retro games, some of which may not even be to the taste of modern gamers. Although it was somewhat controversial at launch, it is now commonly accepted that this is how Nintendo works.

A Nintendo Switch Online subscription allows you to play online, at least for games that support online play. It is also the only way to ensure that your saved files are backed up to the cloud. You also have some exclusive benefits, such as access to the online battle game Super Mario Bros. 35, available only until March 31, 2021.

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