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NFL Thursday Night Football is coming to Amazon sooner than expected

In mid-March, the NFL announced a series of new media deals, including a major one with Amazon that will bring its Thursday night football games to the company’s Prime platform. According to the original announcement, the deal would start with the 2023 season and continue until 2033, but something has changed behind closed doors and now the partnership will begin a year before the first announced.

Amazon dismissed the surprising announcement on its Prime sports account on Twitter, revealing that football fans will be able to watch football matches on Thursday nights on their Prime platform starting next year, instead of two years from now. . The deal will still be valid until 2023, making it an 11-year general partnership instead of 10.

The terms of the agreement remain the same as previously announced, according to Amazon, which notes that there will be 15 football games on Thursday nights each season, in addition to a pre-season game. It is the first time that the NFL has granted a streaming service an exclusive national rights package.

Given this revised schedule, the company notes that the existing Thursday Night Football tri-cast package will expire after the next 2021 NFL season. The main members will be able to broadcast the games, although the NFL has also noted that each game will be available on OTA television in the teams’ home markets.

Speaking about the revised deal, Amazon’s vice president of global sports video, Marie Donoghue, said:

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