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The ongoing pandemic threw everything, including product launches in the tech industry off schedule. Apple did not escape untouched either – its usual March event did not happen and there is no official word on whether Apple will proceed with an event in April. Even though it is strongly argued that the Cupertino giant will be announcing some interesting products at an event this spring.

Despite the difficult past year, Apple launched some innovative devices in 2020, including the 5G iPhone 12s, the refined Apple Watch and the radical new M1-powered Macs. This year, when Apple celebrates its 45th anniversary, the iPad Pro with mini LEDs, the long-awaited AirTags and the vibrant iPhone 13 can see the light of day, along with the usual suspects – iMac, iPad mini, Apple TV and others, – receiving an update.

The new wave of Apple products can be announced at any time now, but there is no set date for a virtual event – the noise about the event that will take place on April 6 is loud – but it does not seem legitimate, as nothing has been heard from the horses mouth. Before Apple officially announces its devices for 2021, let’s take a quick look at what is expected in the recent future.

Mini-LED iPad Pro

Source: Slashgear

There is likely to be some cosmetic and internal update on the regular iPad mini, but the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is expected to be the first Apple device to support Mini-LED display. According to recent rumors, the new iPad Pro will see some radical changes in the iPad line after a long time.

In addition to the Mini-LED screen, it could probably have a more accurate brightness, 5G and, of course, better battery performance. A more powerful processor is likely to feed the gut, which an industry analyst believes is on par with the M1 chip.

New AirPods

Source: Slashgear

Launched at the end of last year, AirPods Max is not for all Apple fans. The exclusive pricing model may not have a new variant this year, but the good old AirPods and AirPods Pro are in a makeover. AirPods can now feature an in-ear button design that plugs into the ear. These can, regardless of the resized body, include Active Noise Canceling and “pressure relief” ventilation, among other features.

The sleek new AirPods Pro is also due out this spring. Speculation suggests a slightly lower price, despite the enhanced functions of true wireless headsets. Like the new AirPods, the Pro model update will likely feature a compact format with an integrated SiP (System-in-package) chipset, compressing the hardware close enough to make it as small as possible. The headphones, along with Apple’s W2 wireless chip for better connectivity, will come with improved battery and sound quality.

AirTags tracker

Source: Slashgear

Apple is working on its own grip device, due out in March this year. That didn’t happen, but its launch is evident at Apple’s next event (whenever it happens). It is rumored that AirTags are different from Bluetooth tracking gadgets, as they will be using ultra-wideband (UWB) technology that offers more accurate tracking.

Coin-size AirTags (32 mm x 32 mm x 6 mm) can be attached to your items, such as keys and wallets. Based on the iOS code, the user will be able to track a lost item with AirTags on it. The device will rival Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag Plus and would cost about the same $ 39 mark.

Revamped MacBook Pro

Source: Slashgear

Like the aforementioned products, this may not be a definitive newcomer to Apple’s most recent event, but a MacBook Pro on the new 14 and 16-inch Mini-LED screens is on the cards and could be launched at the September event.

The new MacBook Pro will significantly distance itself from its predecessors with a flat edge design and MagSafe charging cradle. The 2021 MacBook Pro is also believed to have an SD card reader and an HDMI port.

iPhone 13 lineup

Source: Slashgear

Apple plans to join the foldable smartphone movement, but this is unlikely to happen this year. The iPhone 13, due to launch in the second half of 2021, will be a single-screen phone with some interesting new changes, such as the inclusion of Touch ID on its AMOLED screen and a reduced cut-off screen announcing a more refreshed screen rate. high (at least 120 Hz).

Since the iPhone 12 line updated the design and was well accepted; it is not expected to change much on that front on the 2021 models. However, all models in the iPhone 13 line may feature larger camera sensors with support for sensor shift stabilization, which is native to the top of the line iPhone 12 Pro Max at the time. Apple got rid of the power adapter from the device’s packaging last year, this year the brand predicts iPhones that only charge wirelessly. In this account, the next iPhone 13 may come without the charging port.

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