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Netflix’s delayed League of Legends animation finally has a release date

Arcane, Netflix’s animated program based on the hit game League of Legends, finally has a debut date. The series was announced in 2019, but had a production delay last year due to the pandemic. As with many other television and film projects that were temporarily suspended, work was resumed later and now, says Netflix, viewers will be able to tune in this fall.

During the League of Legends 10th anniversary event in 2019, game developer Riot unveiled an internal project that would take the popular franchise to the small screen. It was revealed at the time that this series would be animated and would be released under the title Arcane. At the time, Riot had planned its debut in 2020.

That plan was thrown into chaos predictably with the surprise arrival of the pandemic and the resulting disruption it brought to the entertainment industry. The 2020 launch was no longer viable, but things are finally changing. Netflix confirmed today that Arcane is only a few months away and will be available for streaming on its platform.

The company shared a dramatic, fast-paced Arcane trailer as part of its announcement, revealing that the series will premiere “this fall”. Netflix does not yet have a release date set to share, however. The program must be available for broadcast in all markets where Netflix is ​​available.

According to the trailer description, Arcane will be set in “Piltover’s utopian region and Zaun’s oppressed underworld”, giving viewers an origin story for two “iconic League champions – and the power that will separate them”.

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