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Netflix show based on Stephen King’s Talisman tipped in pipeline

Talisman, the 1984 novel by Stephen King and Peter Straub, will be turned into an original Netflix series, according to a new report. Although Netflix has not commented on the leak, sources say the project will come from Paramount Television Studios and Amblin Television with Curtis Gwinn as the showrunner and writer.

The novel The Talisman revolves around the main character Jack Sawyer, 12, who seeks the crystal “Talisman” in an effort to save his mother from cancer. Among other things, the effort takes Sawyer into a parallel universe called ‘the Territories’.

According to sources who spoke to Deadline, the novel will be turned into a series for Netflix, although the company has not confirmed the project at this time. Netflix is ​​said to serve as a co-producer on the series, with King as executive producer on the project.

Although many of King’s works have turned into films and TV shows, this will mark the first time that The Talisman has hit the small screen, giving fans of the author’s universe an entirely new storyline to enjoy. This is not the first time that a King-based project has hit a streaming service, however.

Hulu recently finalized its King Castle Rock anthology, as well as hosting the hit limited series 11.22.63, starring James Franco. Likewise, it was revealed last month that Apple TV + will be home to an original series based on the Story of King’s Lisey by J.J. Abrams.

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