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Mythic Quest Season 2 trailer reveals release date with a name change

The Mythic Quest Season 2 backstage trailer shows creator and star Rob McElhenney describing the greatness of the show. “It’s the biggest show in the history of television,” says McElhenney, knowing full well that this title actually belongs to the completely independent It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. He continues to observe how several writers and stars on the show have Emmy awards, revealing that he may be the only one without any.

Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet is an exclusive TV show from Apple TV +. It’s about a game development company that focuses on a single game: Mythic Quest. In the first season, the plot revolves around the most recent major update and expansion of the game: the Banquet of Raven.

Just as the 30 Rock show is a kind of alternate reality on Saturday Night Live, Mythic Quest is a kind of alternative reality version from game developer Ubisoft. And just as 30 Rock occasionally flirted with reality, bringing actors to play versions of their real-life beings, and taking place on NBC in the 30 Rock building, Mythic Quest is done in part by Ubisoft.

Large portions of the television show use the visuals of the Ubisoft game engine to assist in plotting the show. The game “Mythic Quest” is not technically a fully realized game, but the developers at Ubisoft have created environments, characters and everything else to appear on the show.

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