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MOIT and NITB to Launch Pakistan’s First International Payment Gateway

The government is planning to launch Pakistan’s first “International Payment Gateway (IPG)” to improve the country’s digital infrastructure and provide ease of doing business for digital users worldwide.

The Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications (MOIT & T) and the National Council for Information Technology (NITB), under the auspices of the Government of Pakistan, will launch Pakistan’s first IPG to promote the country’s digital infrastructure to facilitate realization for digital users globally.

A ministry statement said: “Our goal is to obtain digital payments from the user with ease, convenience and enhanced security. In this regard, we are taking an inclusive and user-sensitive approach and request that our users provide detailed feedback on features to improve the usability of the IPG. “

As a freelancer, e-commerce retailer and small merchant, you need to define your international payment needs, the ministry said, while seeking comments from interested people to share the difficulties in receiving international payments.

In addition, the ministry sought details of aspects related to security in receiving international payments and concerns related to aspects related to fraud in international and cross-border payments. The ministry also asked about the expectations of the Pakistani government’s stakeholders in facilitating stakeholders in meeting their specific needs in relation to international and cross-border payments.

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