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Model Tess Holliday reveals she’s an recovering anorexic

The body positivity activist said she was “not ashamed” to admit the truth and that she was finally “feeding my body regularly for the first time”.

Model Tess Holliday revealed that she is recovering from anorexia after fighting in “a body that has punished my entire life”.

The 35-year-old woman, who has been an activist for body positivity for years, opened her diagnosis in a series of heartfelt tweets.

“I am anorexic and recovering. I am no longer ashamed to say it out loud, ”she said.

“I am the result of a culture that celebrates thinness and equals that with value, but I can write my own narrative now.

“I am finally able to take care of a body that I have punished my whole life and I am finally free.”

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Holliday also asked people to stop commenting on their weight in an Instagram post about their diagnosis of an eating disorder.

Model Tess Holliday has revealed her eating disorder battle. Picture: Tess Holliday/Instagram.

“To everyone who keeps saying, ‘You’ve been looking healthy lately’ or ‘You’re losing weight, keep it up!'” She said.

“Don’t do that. Comment. About. My. Weight. Or. Perceived. Health. Maintain. This. Stop. Yourself. Thank you.”

Holliday said the change in his weight was due to “curing an eating disorder and eating my body regularly for the first time in my entire life.”

She said the comments about her weight loss were “triggering like hell” because they sent the message that people “are more valuable now because we are younger”.

Despite going into detail about the impact of his eating disorder on his mental health, Holliday still faced cruel troll taunts.

Holliday said that the comments about her weight were “triggering as hell”. Picture: Tess Holliday/Instagram.

Responding to a tweet that stated that she “cannot love herself”, Holliday wrote: “For everyone who says I cannot love myself and have an eating disorder, this is the true definition of loving myself.

“To be able to prioritize myself and be in recovery. I’m more self-aware than any of my critics, but you know, you’re leaving. “

Holliday has been a body positivity activist for years and has spoken several times about the double standards of women who are considered “big size” faces.

The model in the strawberry dress which saw her land on worst dressed lists. Picture: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for The Recording Academy.

She became famous in 2013 for leading the #effyourbeautystandards movement on social media and appeared on the cover of Cosmopolitan and People.

Holliday also faced several high profile attacks on her weight, with Gold Coast fitness influencer Ashy Bines, accusing her of “not being a good model” and British columnist Piers Morgan even claiming she was promoting obesity .

Last year, she shared how a strawberry-print dress she wore at the Grammy made her end up on the worst dress lists, only to be praised as the 2020 dress on social media months later.

“I like how this dress put me on the list of the worst dresses when I wore it in January for the Grammy, but now a bunch of skinny people wore it on TikTok everyone cares,” said Holliday on Instagram at the time.

“To summarize: our society hates fat people, especially when we are winning.”

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