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Mitsubishi is selling all the classic cars in its traditional UK fleet

Over the years, Mitsubishi has made some very cool automobiles that are highly desired by sports car fans. Cars like the Evo and 3000GT, for example. In recent years, Mitsubishi has gone through difficult times and recently decided to withdraw entirely from the UK.

As a result of its decision to leave the UK, the automaker is selling its entire fleet of classic cars inherited from the UK. There are 14 classic cars on auction without reservation, which means that the highest bidder takes them home anyway. Some of the most interesting of the 14 vehicles are several Lancer Evolution models, including a 2001 signed by Tommi Makinen.

Another Evo is a FQ-440 MR 2015, which was a limited edition model built on a run of just 40 units to commemorate the end of the Evo. Other Evo models, including 2008 and 2007, are on sale. The 2007 is built according to the specifications of Group N. This car competed in the British Rally Championship in 2007 and 2008.

A Mitsubishi Galant Rally car is also part of the action. Another cool Mitsubishi sports car is the 1988 Starion, a car that some may not be familiar with and that was available in the United States. A 1992 3000GT is also part of the action. While high-performance cars can draw attention, there are a few other iconic vehicles.

One is a 1983 Jeep J27 that was built under license from Willys. A Shogun 2000, an L200 Desert Warrior truck and several other immaculate toys are on sale. I always had a thing for Starion and I remember them sitting in rows at the local dealership at the time.

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