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McDonalds Hi-C Orange Lavaburst return confirmed, but why?

After an apparent campaign to bring the single most orange Hi-C flavor back to McDonalds’ sources, they capitulated. As if it were a form of order signaling the end of a war, McDonalds’ social networks released several images that confirmed the taste of the drink and its long-awaited restart. But why?

According to a meme-like image posted by McDonald’s official Twitter account, an email was sent from McDonald’s VP of Marketing to “person who manages McDonald’s account” with a short message. The message reads: “Good presentation. Hi-C Orange Lavaburst will officially return to the menu of all US restaurants this summer of 2021. ”

The email added, “Please stop sending me emails about this now.” It should be assumed that this email string was created for the promotional Tweet by the aforementioned “person”, as it also includes the title of the email “Bring back Hi-C plzzz”.

The same account posted an image that could very well have been placed on Microsoft Paint, suggesting that social media is “all about the 3 P’s”. These terms are: Product, People and Putting Hi-C back on the menu.

Were you waiting for McDonald’s to put Hi-C back on its menu? Were you also waiting for the company to start putting your Big Mac back in a very chic red box? How about McDonaldLand cookies in a box, where do you also wait for them? Honestly, I would prefer to have the cookies back, if I had to choose between the two items. These cookies were good and, if I remember correctly, they were quite big too. Large, giant cookies in an elegant box with a golden bow handle – McDonald’s classic cookie action in full swing.

That, or big bags of Lego pieces like Happy Meal toys. Opening that Happy Meal was one of the best moments related to the food toy I’ve ever had.

images source:slashgear

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