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Mansory has a built a second Le Mansory Ford GT, this time in black

In July last year, German tuning company Mansory rocked the auto world with Le Mansory, a custom-made supercar based on the Ford GT. The style on his face attracted criticism and praise, but we think it’s incredible. It turns out that there is a second Le Mansory, this time in black.

And like the first Le Mansory, the black version is just as outrageous and powerful as the first. Remember, Le Mansory celebrates Mansory’s 30th anniversary with just three units destined for production, so there is a third car waiting on the wings.

But first, it will take some time to absorb what Mansory did for his latest creation. It’s a black car, yes, but it has a central red stripe and bold red Le Mansory letters to remind viewers that you are driving a special type of Ford GT.

It also receives a bespoke carbon fiber body kit, including wider 1.97-inch fenders, a new rear spoiler large enough to land on small aircraft, a predominant rear diffuser and some wild roof cavities for feed the rear-mounted engine with large amounts of air.

Le Mansory has a different set of headlights and forged 21-inch alloy wheels different from the standard Ford GT. It even has an aggressive set of triple exhaust pipes, which we assume to sound dishonest in a full chat. Meanwhile, the custom interior gets new seats and the same red and black theme as the exterior.

Boosting Le Mansory is a highly tuned 3.5-liter twin-engine EcoBoost V6 with 700 horsepower and an astonishing 620 pound-feet of torque. It also has the same 350 mph top speed as the first Le Mansory.

If you have about $ 2.2 million left in an ultra-limited edition Ford GT, you’re in luck. The first Le Mansory (the blue one) is on sale at, with a starting price of € 1.8 million. As usual, Mansory did not disclose the asking price for its black Le Mansory, but we estimate that it will not fall below $ 2 million as the first.

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