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Make your home extra sus with an Among Us plush

Along with yesterday’s launch of the new airship map in Between Us, Innersloth developers have also announced their future plans and the fact that plush Crewmates are now on sale at their official store.

The airship update, which aired on March 31, added a great new map with new game features, tasks and cosmetic items. Some players are reporting that it is a bit big for the current maximum player count, so it is probably a good thing that increasing the size of the lobby is on the Innersloth task list.

According to a recent blog update, the developers plan to increase the size of the lobby to 15 (currently limited to 10) so that legitimate crew members don’t feel so isolated on larger maps. You can also expect an art style update, with clearer lines and the benefit of an easier animation process. Innersloth is also committing to a more transparent development process in the future, which they may be sorry for, given the enchanting nature of many gaming communities.

Most importantly, you can now buy official stuffed Entre Entre Crewmate in your store. Live your best Impostor life by taking part in a plush massacre or just, you know, put them in your house and take pictures of them in tiny hats – you do it yourself. Crewmate soft toys are available in 12 different colors.

The official store between us makes deliveries in South Africa, but probably through the post office, and you know how it goes …

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