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Madeleine McCann suspects ‘only on the board because the German police think they are smarter’

EXCLUSIVE: Pedophile Christian Brueckner, 43, is suspected of having taken his three-year-old son while he lived in the Algarve. He is being held in Kiel prison in northern Germany

The main suspect in Madeleine McCann’s disappearance is only on the board because German police think they are smarter than the British, according to her lawyer.

The complaint by the man representing Christian Brueckner, 43, comes before the 14th anniversary of the young man’s disappearance on Monday.

The pedophile Brueckner, German, is suspected of having taken his son, then aged three, while he lived in the Algarve, in Portugal.

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His lawyer, Friedrich Fuelscher, speaking to German television, said: “Several authorities have investigated – the Portuguese and British police.

“My client was not charged in this case, he is considered to be ‘accused’. Based on that, I do not assume that there is any solid evidence against him.

Madeleine McCann
Source: Mirror

“Perhaps this is a bit typical for us Germans, who at least in Europe, somehow, think that we are something special and that we can do things better than others.

“We will see if that is the case here, but I personally do not believe it.”

Brueckner is being held in Kiel prison in northern Germany after being convicted of unrelated crimes.

Gerry and Kate McCann
Source: Mirror
Friedrich Fuelscher
Source: Mirror

German prosecutor Christian Wolters said: “The murder never ends in Germany. Therefore, we can hold Christian B. liable criminally as long as he lives. “

Madeleine disappeared from a vacation apartment in Praia da Luz on May 3, 2007.

Tomorrow, mom Kate, 53, a former GP now a medical worker, and heart doctor father Gerry, 52, will remember her at home after an outdoor prayer meeting was canceled in the second year because of

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