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LG Velvet finally receives Android 11 LG UX 10 update

LG has been circulating on the mobile news lately, but not in a good way. Rumors about the almost inevitable closure of her mobile business are becoming stronger, even as she tries to spark interest in her less traditional smartphones, like the promised LG Rollable phone. In the meantime, there are still concerns about the company’s ability to continue supporting its current training. At least one of those concerns may be over now that LG is starting to roll out Android 11 in its 2020 flagship.

LG launched just two notable smartphones last year, disregarding the LG V60 ThinQ 5G which was a holdover from the company’s previous strategy. There is, of course, the eccentric LG Wing and its swivel screen, but before that, there was the more traditional LG Velvet, the first in a new line of phones that exchanges letters and numbers for more memorable names.

Although it was released in May, it wouldn’t be until December of last year when LG would finally start its Android 11 beta program from the phone. Surprisingly, the company took just over a month to start releasing the stable version of the update for the LG Velvet.

The changelog for the update shared by Piunika Web barely mentions anything, except for the Android operating system update. The update, however, also increases LG’s customized UX experience to version 10, just to be even more confusing. The 2.25 GB update also contains January security patches.

The problem is that the update is being released only in South Korea, where the beta has also started. There is no known timeline for the global launch, let alone any indication of when other 2020 phones will receive Android 11 as well.

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