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Lamborghini adds new connectivity services to the Huracan EVO

Lamborghini announced that it is now integrating enhanced connectivity services into one of its most sought-after performance cars, the Huracan EVO. Enhanced connectivity services started this year and include navigation, comfort, security and entertainment functions. Lamborghini Connect has new “peace of mind” services using the connection with the Lamborghini UNICA application.

The application has a car location function, vehicle status report and geo-fencing functions, including remote speed and valet alerts. These new features join the existing in-car connected services that are related to Navigation and Entertainment. Lamborghini is also offering remote updates to its Lamborghini Infotainment System over the air.

The automaker says it is the first car manufacturer to incorporate comprehensive control into the car using Amazon Alexa. Web radio and Apple CarPlay, already integrated with Huracan EVO, are being joined by Alexa and Android Auto on 2021 models that include the Smartphone Interface and Connected Services option.

The technology allows owners to adjust car functions, such as weather, lighting, seat height, navigation, phone calls and entertainment with Alexa voice commands. Alexa is also integrated into the Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Integrata system inside the car. Using voice commands, drivers can access feedback on driving dynamics using the infotainment system screen, including details on torque vectoring, dynamic steering and traction control.

Alexa integration also allows owners to connect to other Alexa-enabled devices from their cars using voice commands. This means that homeowners can do things like open Alexa-enabled home gates, change house thermostats and lighting systems, and more. Lambo says the feature is available in most parts of Europe and North America, where Alexa will be available with additional markets receiving capacity next year. All Lamborghini Connected features can be adapted from mid-April at no cost to Huracan EVO owners at Lamborghini authorized dealers.

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