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IT Minister Worried Over FBR’s Notices to IT and Telecom Sector

The Federal Minister of IT and Telecommunications, Syed Amin Ul Haque, expressed on Wednesday a deep concern about the issuance of tax notifications for the IT and telecommunications sector by the Federal Revenue Council (FBR) when saying that such measures are creating confusion in the sector and investors and can affect the process of stabilizing the economy through remittances.

The federal minister expressed these concerns while presiding over the 11th meeting of the Prime Minister’s Working Group on IT and Telecom on Wednesday.

IT Secretary Shoaib Ahmad Siddiqui was also present at the meeting.

IT member Syed Junaid Imam gave a detailed briefing to the task force on the reforms being made in the field of information technology, various policies and measures approved. The meeting was informed that a 5 percent reward was decided for those who demonstrated remarkable performance in export shipments in the IT industry and a summary was sent to the Ministry of Finance for approval.

In addition, the use of locally developed software, the reduction of taxes on the IT industry, the Personal Data Protection Act of 2020, Pakistan’s first cloud policy, the National Cybersecurity Policy 2021 are in the final stages.

Telecom member Muhammad Omar Malik informed the meeting that the notification was issued on March 24 after the completion of all stages of the new Mobile Spectrum Policy.

A letter was sent to FBR to reduce taxes in the telecommunications sector. The Cabinet approved the policy for manufacturing mobile devices at the suggestion of the Ministry of IT, he added.

The federal minister said that the Ministry of IT and Telecom is committed to fulfilling the Prime Minister’s Digital Vision of Pakistan. Haque said digitization is the top priority for the IT Ministry, adding that measures are underway to fulfill Pakistan’s digital vision.

He recalled that the digitization process will be easier following the policies for the IT and Telecom sector and the completion of the projects.

The Federal Minister of IT also thanked the members of the PM’s IT and Telecom Task Force for their recommendations and guidelines for carrying out the digitization process in the country.

He also emphasized the need to provide better incentives for the IT industry and to solve the problems of IT companies.

Previously, members of the PM Task Force on IT and Telecom expressed satisfaction with the performance of the Ministry of IT and Telecom, especially for achieving the digitization goals.

The meeting also received a detailed briefing on the different policies that the Ministry of IT is working on and different projects.

The meeting was attended by the president of the Pakistan Software House Association (P @ SHA), Barkan Saeed, MD PSEB Osman Nasir and senior MOITT officers, as well as a member of the IT and Telecom PM Task Force.

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