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Instagram introduces ‘recently deleted’ feature to protect against hackers

Instagram has announced that it will add a new feature to its platform called ‘Recently Removed’, which will help users better manage their content and prevent potential hacker attacks.

The new feature will allow users to view and restore any deleted content in the Instagram app and prevent hackers from compromising their accounts and deleting posts they have shared. Before the feature was introduced, hackers used to delete content as soon as they gained access to an account, and until now people have not been able to easily retrieve their photos and videos.

As of February, 2 Instagram will now ask users to first verify that they are account holders by email or text when deleting or permanently restoring the contents of the Recently Deleted folder.

In terms of how the new feature works, when any content that you or the hacker chooses to delete is removed from an account, it is not permanently deleted, instead, the content is moved to the recently deleted folder found in the app. The deleted content will remain in the folder for 30 days, similar to how deleted images work on iOS.

During this 30-day period, users can access your deleted content in Settings> Account> Recently deleted in the latest version of the Instagram app. From there, they can choose to restore or permanently delete the content. They will, of course, have to verify that they really own the account before any content is restored or permanently removed from the folder.

This means that if a hacker somehow gains access to your account and assuming that your phone and email have not been compromised, he will not be able to remove your content permanently.

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