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iHeartRadio is launching binaural podcasts with iHeart 3D Audio

iHeartMedia is paving the way for a new type of podcast format, which involves 3D audio for a more realistic experience. The company announced iHeart 3D Audio along with its plan to branch out into binaural podcasting, which will offer listeners a 3D experience, at least when they listen to programs using headphones.

Simply put, binaural audio is recorded using two microphones that record from different positions simultaneously. The resulting stereo audio provides a 3D experience; listeners will perceive something like a room with speakers and other sounds apparently emanating from its natural position in that space.

This type of audio experience is especially welcome for dramatized productions, such as podcasts that tell fictional stories complete with sound effects. iHeart 3D Audio follows iHeartMedia’s successful binaural audio series ’13 Days of Halloween ‘, made in partnership with Blumhouse Television.

IHeart 3D Audio will continue with the ’13 Days’ series, launching new content for major holidays. In addition to these holiday specials, there will be a new podcast called The Mantawauk Caves co-produced with Blumhouse Television, as well as bonus 3D audio episodes for existing successful podcasts.

Aaron Mahnke, creator, writer and producer who collaborated on the ’13 Days of Halloween ‘series, said:

I collaborated with iHeartMedia on ‘13 Days of Halloween,’ a podcast that brings listeners right into the essence of a purgatorial hotel using 3D audio. It feels like you’re actually in the hotel when you listen. I remember when we were in production for the series and thinking I’d never seen anything like the recording process for a 3D listening experience — even the mic and equipment setup look very different. I knew we were creating something special with ‘13 Days of Halloween,’ and I’m thrilled that iHeartMedia is now doubling down on its 3D audio capabilities to define the next wave in podcast entertainment.

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