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Hyundai TIGER concept vehicle can roll or walk on challenging terrain

It may have lost Apple’s favor, but Hyundai naturally has its hands on other futuristic endeavors related to mobility. From its upcoming electric vehicles to robots that move individuals or groups, the South Korean automaker is applying any and all aspects of design, engineering and creative thinking to visualize the vehicles of the future. Its most recent concept is so out of this world and could probably even be used outside this planet in the future.

We have seen car manufacturers and robotics experts try to find solutions for driving on extremely challenging or uneven terrain. Most of them involve cars with wheels that can adapt to such surfaces or robots that can face challenges. Often, however, they are mutually exclusive, but Hyundai’s ultimate mobility vehicle or UMV concept asks: why not have both?

TIGER, short for “intelligent transforming land excursion robot”, really does. Its basic and more efficient mode makes it roll like an all-wheel-drive over most terrains. When that terrain becomes difficult or impossible to drive, however, he stretches his legs and simply walks or staggers over obstacles.


If this looks a lot like Hyundai’s Elevate concept in 2019, it’s because they share a common DNA. But while the Elevate is designed to be large enough to transport people, the TIGER is designed to carry payload to be delivered to places where conventional vehicles cannot reach, controlled remotely from a distance. It is even designed to connect to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones, to load and deploy a TIGER near places where a drone cannot fly over.

Hyundai’s TIGER is obviously just a concept for now and just the most recent that the company’s New Horizons Group has brought to life. It will probably take a lot of time, research and not to mention testing before these vehicles become usable for actual deployment.

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