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Hulu student price dropped to $2 per month (with ads)

Hulu announced a “student” plan this week with an apparent “65% discount valid as long as you are a college student.” This price would be for the “ad supported plan” for approximately $ 1.99 USD per month, otherwise it would be $ 5.99 USD per month. As long as the student’s enrollment status remains verified, the price will remain, as verified by SheerID.

Hulu is working with SheerID to make this student pricing system a reality. Students must be enrolled in a U.S. Title IV accredited college or university and must meet verification qualifications. After the student enrollment ends, the user will be moved back to the price of $ 5.99 per month, “or normal price then in effect”.

It was also noted by Hulu that registration information must be shared with SheerID for verification purposes. This includes first name, last name, college / university name and date of birth). There will be a new automatic verification performed annually – this means that they will recheck their student status once a year.

This offer cannot be combined with any other type of “free” Hulu trial or any other type of promotion. Users will discover that Hulu reserves the right to determine eligibility at any time, and the company reserves that right “in its sole discretion”.

If a student changes plans at any time after the first redemption, this may result in “loss of discounted price”. So don’t close the deal and then pay for a month’s premium and hope to get back on the $ 2 a month plan – it probably won’t work! Also note: if you already have a free or discounted Hulu offer in progress, you may need to cancel that offer before starting another one – and this can be too big a mess to mix. It all depends on whether you want a few extra dollars each month, perfect for that extra sandwich on a Saturday afternoon.

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