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HBO and George R.R. Martin pen major five-year deal

The author of The Songs of Ice and Fire, George R.R.Martin, signed an important five-year contract with HBO and HBO Max, which will result in new content for the premium media company. Martin has worked with HBO since 2013 and is co-creator of House of the Dragon, a series prequel to the success of Game of Thrones.

Although his final season was not favored by fans (to say the least), Game of Thrones was a huge success for HBO. It’s no surprise that talks about spin-offs and prequel shows started around the same time as the show’s final season, and HBO is continuing with them.

In addition to House of the Dragon, Martin is serving as executive producer for other planned Game of Thrones prequels aimed at HBO and its streaming service HBO Max. According to Deadline, the new HBO deal may have been in the eighties digits.

In addition to the various projects based on the Games of Thrones universe planned for HBO and its streaming service, there were also rumors about a possible animation program for HBO Max. The publication reports on behalf of an unidentified source that HBO plans to go ” deep in the Game of Thrones realm with George “.

It is unclear when HBO plans to debut its new Game of Thrones content, which will include Flea Bottom, 9 Voyages and 10,000 Ships. Meanwhile, Martin has yet to complete the expected sixth fantasy novel in The Chronicles of Ice and Fire, entitled The Winds of Winter. At this point, it is possible that the novel will be released next year, but many fans have already given up hope.

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