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Google’s New Document Scanning App Comes With AI And Fingerprint Security

Google’s internal incubator, Area 120, has developed a new ‘Stack’ document scanner app that groups scanned documents together and offers users a nifty biometric feature to access these files via fingerprint and facial unlock.

For now, Stack is available for Android in the United States, however, there is no information as to whether it will come to iOS or other countries.

According to Google, the new application allows users to take photos of any document, be it receipts, bills, identification checks with identification tags, etc., and scan them if necessary. The interesting part is that the application automatically names the documents and suggests the right category of files to store them.

In addition, Stack also helps to identify important information when scanning a document, such as dates and total values. Everything you scan can be loaded into Google Drive, so even if you stop using Stack, all scanned documents and related files will be easily accessible.

Stack supports biometric verification, as mentioned earlier, so you can protect your files the way you see fit.

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