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Google Wifi router management is being implemented in the Google Home app

The standalone app will be discontinued in June

Google is doing away with its dedicated Google Wifi app to manage its routers, moving this functionality to the Google Home app while the company continues to “help our customers control and manage all their connected products in one place and allow routines between them ”.

The move to the Google Home app will take place in two phases: first, Google will disable most of the functionality of the Google Wifi app on May 25. From there, users will only be able to see the current status of their networks – but any changes, including the addition of new routers or access points – should be made in the Google Home app.

Then, sometime in June, Google will remove the Wifi app from the Play Store and the iOS App Store, directing all users to use the Google Home app exclusively. (It will also stop supporting the old application for existing users.)

Google has been working on this change since 2019, when it launched Nest Wifi routers – which could only be configured in the Google Home app. But at the time, the Google Home app did not yet offer many of the features that the Google Wifi app did. Google had promised that it would support both apps until it updated the Home app to include all the features offered in the Wifi app, which it says will be the case when June arrives.

Google points out that migrating existing Wi-Fi settings to the Google Home app will offer some new benefits, including the ability to use the Google Assistant for things like pausing the Wi-Fi connection, testing the current Internet speed and (in an elegant synergy product) showing a guest Wi-Fi password on a Google Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max screen.

Migrating a network configuration appears to be a relatively simple process, although the Google manual warns that it is a one-way street: after switching to the Google Home app, you can’t go back.

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