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Google Maps can show eco-friendly locations and businesses

Living an environmentally friendly life shouldn’t be difficult, but the reality is that it is difficult to maintain an ecological lifestyle the moment you leave your residence. It can be easy to know how your choices can affect the environment, but it is not always so easy to find places that share this mindset. Fortunately, Google Maps has gotten a little more environmentally friendly and can now show you the nearest recycling collection point or which companies use recycled materials so you can show your support for establishments that take sustainability seriously.

Not everything that needs to be discarded should be discarded in the same way. There are tons of materials that can be recycled, for example, and some things, like batteries, need to be handled with due care. There are definitely places that accept these objects and handle the processes for you, but unless you already know what you’re looking for, finding them can be a bit of a hassle.

Fortunately, Google Maps will now highlight exactly those locations. Companies that accept things like batteries to be disposed of, hazardous materials, glass bottles, etc., will be easily searchable on Google Maps, at least if business owners add this information. Visitors to these locations will also answer a series of questions that confirm or clarify what materials these companies deal with.

Google Maps can also show companies with sustainable practices, such as artisans who shop or restaurants that compost. The idea is that people with ecological lifestyles will be more likely to visit these establishments if they are more visible.

None of this happens by magic, of course, and Google Maps needs help from Local Guides to reveal that information. Users can also contribute by answering questionnaires that appear after visiting certain companies that provide related services.

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