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Google Fi VPN gets some big upgrades on Android with iPhone launch inbound

Today Google announced a series of updates to its Google Fi phone service. The biggest updates revolve around the integrated Google Fi VPN, which is now coming out of beta on Android after Google made some performance improvements. It seems that VPN has slowed the Internet down a lot for beta testers, so after making some changes in this regard and promising a “faster and stronger connection” when using applications and services, Google is launching VPN for all Android users.

Not only that, but Google will also bring Fi VPN to iPhone users. The problem here is that iPhone users need to wait a little longer – although VPN will be available to all Android users apparently starting today, iPhone users will have to wait for spring before they start using VPN themselves .

Google is also launching a new privacy and security hub that can be accessed through the Fi app. The hub is only available to Android users for now, but this is where you can enable a number of privacy settings, such as VPN, and get a summary of what those settings protect. Presumably, the privacy and security hub will be launched on the iPhone when the Google Fi VPN arrives, but Google has not confirmed anything to that effect today.

Google also took advantage of today’s announcement as an opportunity to remind potential subscribers that Fi can block suspicious spam calls in general or block specific numbers at once. Fi also has some built-in SIM exchange protection that can be made even stronger with two-factor authentication, and it looks like all of these settings can be managed in the new security hub.

Therefore, the Google Fi VPN is getting major updates today, and it looks like it won’t be long before the VPN is in the hands of iPhone users as well. Android users can enable Fi VPN on the service’s security hub starting today, and we’ll let you know when Google shares more details about the VPN launch on the iPhone.

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