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Genshin Impact will receive a PS5 update “soon”

Nobody expected Genshin Impact to be as … prolific as it is. Breath of the Wild style invaded consoles last year with two key factors that made it an instant hit: it was free and it was mobile. I’m sure the addictive cycle of unlocking new characters with loot box equivalents also played a significant role in getting people into the mix, while cross-play multiplayer helped people to encourage their friends to join them. Although Genshin Impact is still very popular on a wide variety of platforms, it is about to become even bigger thanks to a newly announced PS5 version that is bringing some interesting new features to the game.

In a tweet from the Sony PlayStation Twitter account, the PS5 version of Genshin Impact will support “enhanced visuals, fast loading and DualSense controller support”. Although it is already possible to play Genshin Impact on PS5 thanks to PS4 compatibility, it is … to want a better phrase, the “normal” version of the game. The PS5 version will undoubtedly look much better and will likely incorporate the tactile feedback from the controller to require more strength from the player when he is climbing a wall and the resistance bar starts to dry.


Although we don’t have an exact release date for this updated version, the tweet mentions a spring release. So, if we are following the American seasons, it means that it should be released in the coming months. Seriously, just say second quarter. I understand, “Primavera” is catchy, but it is a pain to find out all the time. You go to my list, Mihoyo.

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