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Galaxy Buds Pro update brings back a useful gesture

Wireless headsets have gotten a lot smarter over the years, putting a lot of features on their tiny bodies. The result of this, however, is that they come with many features that cannot be controlled easily and quickly without a smartphone. That’s why accessory manufacturers have resorted to using various gestures, and Galaxy Buds Pro has just bought a new one that already exists in Samsung’s older headsets.

Samsung has launched many Galaxy Buds branded accessories that are almost too confusing to identify by name only. Fortunately, they come in different and sometimes memorable forms to make it easier to distinguish one from the other. Unfortunately, it also means that some features are not widely implemented.

One of these features is the “Double Tap on Edge” gesture from Galaxy Buds +. Due to the shape of these buttons, there was enough space to implement this. It is not so true for the Galaxy Buds + and its smaller body that apparently forced Samsung to abandon it at launch.

The good news is that an update brings that gesture back, although it is still up to you to enable or disable it. The option can be found in the Labs section of the Galaxy Wearable app and, when enabled, allows you to control the volume using these gestures. This would release the gesture of touching and holding for other actions.

The update’s changelog also says that ANC detection when moving or speaking has been improved. Along with its already impressive performance, this update definitely puts the Galaxy Buds Pro one step closer to being almost the best on the market.

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