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Ford’s 12,000-pound Super Duty winch of performance parts is now available

One of the coolest things about the Ford Super Duty Tremor pickup that Ford has revealed in the past was that the truck came with a 12,000 pound winch to get it out of any particularly difficult off-road location. Undoubtedly, there were many other Super Duty owners who would like to be able to buy that winch for their trucks as well. Ford Performance Parts has now announced that the Winch by Warn offered on the Tremor is available for any new, fully equipped 2020 or Super Duty pickup.

The winch is available as an option that can be ordered from the factory or an accessory installed by the dealer. It works with the optional 7.3-liter gas V-8 or the 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel V-8. All F-250 and F-350 2020 or newer 4 × 4 trucks equipped with the available double batteries and 397 A double alternators support the winch.

Ford says it has developed the winch with crash safety and capacity at the top of requirements. The winch is fully integrated and mounted behind the steel bumper and features optimized airflow clearance, regardless of the engine option. The winch also has a synthetic cable with high tensile strength and abrasion resistance.

Ford says its winch offering has the only wireless remote control in its class, along with a wired remote that gives users options on how to control the winch. Ford Performance Parts Winch by Warn will be available to order from April 8 as a $ 3,000 factory option on properly equipped Super Duty trucks.

Super Duty owners who already own their truck and want the winch to be added can purchase and install it at a local dealership for $ 3,000 plus labor. It is not known exactly how much work is involved in the installation. It is also important to note that, although the price may seem high, it is in line with the costs of a winch in the aftermarket.

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