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Five-Star Hotel to be Constructed Near Gaddafi Stadium

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and Sports Board Punjab have agreed to build a five-star hotel near Gaddafi Lahore Stadium to provide visiting team with better security and prevent road closures. Currently, international visiting teams stay in five-star hotels in various parts of the city, which means that the roads are closed to the public as a security measure.

Player movement will no longer be a problem, and the roads will be open to the public during matches at the Gaddafi Stadium.

The five-star hotel will be built in the Nishtar Park Sports Complex, where the Gaddafi Stadium is located. The Nishtar Park Sports Complex includes a hockey stadium, world-class gym, swimming pools and tennis courts.

The decision to build a five-star hotel was made during a meeting between DG Sports Punjab, Adnan Arshad Aulakh, and the General GM Administration, Colonel (R) Ashfaq Ahmed. A High Performance Center will also be built next to the hotel.

“The general public faces great difficulties due to the closure of roads. The movement of the players will no longer be a security problem, as they will receive all the facilities of the hotel ”, said Aulakh.

The construction of a five-star hotel near the stadium will also resolve the issue of managing the biosafety bubble. The global pandemic has raised several challenges for cricket boards, and the PCB is at the forefront of these challenges.

The sixth edition of the Pakistan Super League was recently postponed due to the increase in COVID-19 cases in the six franchises and the mismanagement of the biosafety bubble.

Further details on the construction of a five-star hotel near the Gaddafi Stadium will be provided by the authorities.

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