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FIA to Launch Cyber Patrolling Unit

The government is ready to establish the Cyber ​​Patrol Unit (CPU), said the Ministry of Interior when answering a question in the National Assembly.

Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, in a written response, said the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cybercrime Wing is in the process of creating a Cyber ​​Patrol Unit (CPU), whose main objective is to monitor media / cyberspace and pointing out social media trends covering different topics of interest, such as harassment of female journalists, etc.

The budget for the CPU has been allocated and will start to function positively in two to three months.

He said that Wing-FIA cybercrime has a complaints-based system. In addition, Cybercrime Wing-FIA has received only one complaint from Maham Waseem, anchor of AbbTakk News, which is under investigation (Re-242/20).

The threat of defamation through social media is dealt with in section 20, 24 of the 2016 PECA Law, which is unrecognizable.

Wing-FIA cybercrime, in addition to periodically investigating, initiates awareness of cybercrime in the general public through electronic and social media, added the ministry.

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has so far blocked 952,147 Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) containing questionable content, according to the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunications (MOIT & T).

The full written response stated that the Electronic Crime Prevention Act (PECA) 2016 is in place to contain the spread of questionable content on the Internet in Pakistan.

According to section 37 of the PECA 2016, the PTA has the power to issue instructions for the removal or blocking of offensive information in the interest of Pakistan’s religion (s) and the integrity, security and defense.

According to section 37 (2) of PECA 2016, the Federal Government recently approved the 2020 Rules for removing and blocking illegal online content (procedure, supervision and safeguards), which will further strengthen the process and the supervisory mechanism for the procedure for filing, processing and eliminating complaints related to illegal online content.

Under section 29 of PECA 2016, the FIA ​​was authorized to prosecute individuals involved in crimes committed under that law.

As part of the public awareness campaign, PTA has taken several measures to educate the general public through SMS and advertisements to report any illegal online content to PTA for blocking / removal via a designated electronic portal.

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