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Europa Universalis 4’s Leviathan expansion gets April release date

Europa Universalis 4, Paradox Interactive’s dizzyingly rich big strategy game, will have its 17th major expansion, titled Leviathan, on April 27.

Leviathan is focused on offering new ways to succeed beyond expansion and endless war, introducing a range of new diplomatic and economic options to achieve that goal. “Build a force of diplomats,” explains Paradox by example, “and use your flattery as a weapon against others. Or extract wealth and power from remote regions of your kingdom to build a metropolis to be the engine of your economy. “

One of the most significant additions to Leviathan is the ability of diplomats to proactively win favors with a nation (previously accumulated over time), which can then be used to perform useful diplomatic functions – such as abandoning an alliance or making a nation. return to a central province – without having to declare war.

Elsewhere, Leviathan presents new Regency options, specialized colonial nations, the provinces’ ability to expand their infrastructure capacity, Totemism, monuments, new unit models for Southeast Asian nations and much more, as detailed on the Paradox website .

The Leviathan expansion of Europa Universalis 4 will cost £ 15.49 / € 19.99 / $ 19.99 USD when it launches on April 27, and will be accompanied by a free upgrade for all players. It features nations like Australian Aborigines, major gameplay improvements for early American nations, as well as changes to the map for Southeast Asia and North America.

Paradox recently introduced an optional subscription service for Europa Universalis 4, giving full access to the game’s high volume of DLC – including the next Leviathan expansion – for £ 3.99 / € 4.99 / $ 4.99 USD per month.

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