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Epic Games teases TRON as the next Fortnite crossover

Epic Games has practically confirmed the next Fortnite x TRON crossover. The revelation was, as in the previous Predator teaser, made in a broadcast recently published by Agent Jonesy of the game, while he details his arrival in another dimension. Although Epic did not explicitly say that TRON is inbound, there are some good reasons to believe that it is.

From time to time during its fifth season, Epic posted broadcast records on Fortnite’s Twitter account. These streams are audio records from the Jonesy Agency as he searches for “hunters” in other dimensions to transport back to Battle Royale Island.

The most recent broadcast, which Epic labeled ‘MCP-82’, shows Jonesy talking about his latest arrival in a different reality, which involves entering through an old and dusty computer game. We heard the sound of motorcycles, as well as Jonesy’s surprised exclamation, “Are you comfortable?”

That phrase is found on the TRON loading screen, essentially confirming that this will be one of the next Fortnite crosses. Likewise, the broadcast record has the number 82, which probably refers to 1982, the year the first TRON film was released.

This is not the first time that Epic has triggered an upcoming crossover in the form of an audio broadcast. The company has yet to reveal an image of TRON’s arrival, however, nor has it informed when the crossover will arrive in the game.

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