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Epic clarifies a bunch of Fortnite competitive rules ahead of FNCS

Epic will kick off a Chapter 2 – Season 6 FNCS broadcast this weekend, giving fans the opportunity to watch their favorite streamers compete against each other. This, of course, brings general interest to competitive Fortnite, the sports aspect of the Battle Royale game that includes a lot of rules. Just ahead of FNCS, Epic comes with an explanation about some of its limitations.

If you are planning to participate in Fortnite tournaments, it is a good idea to update yourself with the rules, especially those introduced in the recent past. Epic specifically discusses a handful of restrictions in a new blog post, including its rules against intentional disconnections, illegal reboots and gambling.

In addition, the company explains what players should know about region locking and leaderboard adjustments, noting that, for example, some tournaments have a rule against participating in more than one game server region. The FNCS is blocked by region, while Cash Cups – for now, at least – are not blocked by region.

It is the players’ responsibility to check if a competitive event is blocked by region before changing regions. Likewise, players should know that the tournament leaderboards can be adjusted after the event for multiple regions (such as a team being disqualified). The violation of a competitive rule can result in several penalties, depending on the nature of the error, including the loss of prizes or session points.

In cases where someone breaks the rules excessively or repeatedly, Epic warns that the player may be permanently banned from all future Fortnite tournaments. If you plan on playing competitive Fortnite, check out the Epic game blog to read the full list of rules and why they are in effect.

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